1. The completed and returned booking form reflects the terms and conditions as agreed. Unless otherwise notified in writing all details concerning the engagement specified is deemed correct.

2. Any extra hour’s required or extra equipment in addition to those agreed shall be subject to additional fees to be agreed. The fee for extra hours is: £50.00 per hour before the agreed start time, and £50.00 per half hour after the agreed finish time. The contract maybe modified but only by mutual consent of both parties, confirmed in writing.

3. In the event of cancellation by the hirer all monies paid to the Artiste will be forfeited. If the hirer cancels less than twelve weeks before the date of the event for any reason, the full amount agreed for the performance becomes payable.

4. If disaster strikes and the artist is unable to appear at your function he will provide a replacement DJ. This has never happened in the past, and is very unlikely to happen in the future, but there are safeguards in place to ensure your night’s entertainment goes ahead.

5. The Hirer must ensure nearby parking is available at the venue. This is especially important if the venue is in London or a city centre. Any parking fees and congestion charges incurred in getting to your venue are also payable by the hirer. Please also ensure the artiste is provided with suitable refreshments during the evening.

6. The Hirer should ensure the artist is not subject to harassment from their guests. The Hirer is also liable for any damage caused by their guests to the artist’s equipment.

7. The balance of the fee is due on the date of the event, on arrival at your venue. It must be strictly cash only and is payable at the start of the evening, unless it is an agreed advanced payment, 14 days prior to the engagement, which can then be made by cheque. If a cheque is presented on the night, a handling charge of £25.00 will be added to the amount owing.

8. This contract is deemed and considered accepted by both parties for the booking date and times as agreed.